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Inquiry into Chemistry
Dr. Audrey Chastko, Springbank Community High School
Jeff Goldie, Strathcona High School
Dr. Ian Phillips, McNally High School
Sandy Searle, Western Canada High School
Dr. Frank Mustoe, University of Toronto Schools (retired)


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a-Particle Scattering

Covalent Bond

Covalent Bond -Quiz

Conservation Mass

Conservation Mass

Decay Radioactive

Decay Radioactive - Quiz

Determining Molecular Shape Part 1

Determining Molecular Shape Part 2

Determining Molecular Shape Part 3

Determining Orbital Hybridization Part 1

Determining Orbital Hybridization Part 2

Determining Orbital Hybridization Part 3

Dissolution of an Ionic and a Covalent Compound

Equilibrium Vapor Pressure

Half Life

Half Life


Hybrid Orbitals

Ionic vs. Covalent Bonding

Ionic vs. Covalent Bonding

Ionization Energy

Matter States

Matter States

Molecular Polarity Part 1

Molecular Polarity Part 2

Molecular Polarity Part 3

Molecular Polarity Part 4

Packing Spheres



Polarity 1

Polarity 1

Polarity of Molecules

Resonance Part 1

Resonance Part 2

Substances and Mixtures


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