Financial Mathematics

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Web Link:
Information on current exchange rates

• Under Currency, choose the currency you want to learn about and click on it.

• Check what that currency is worth in currencies around the world.

Currency Encyclopedia

• Provides exchange rates by country.

Web Link: Use an online currency converter

• From the Menu, choose Currency Calculator.

– Choose what type of currency you want to convert.

– Choose what you want to convert it into.

– Click Calculate.

RBC Royal Bank

• Choose Cash.

– Identify the type of currency you have.

– Indicate how much of that currency you have.

– Identify the currency you want.

Page 43

Web Link: Find out how to calculate overtime in your province

• Read the general information.

• Click on the blue NS tab at the top to get specific information for Nova Scotia.

Page 49

F.Y.I.:Find current income tax, EI, and CPP rates

Canada Revenue Agency

Calculate tax, CPP, EI, and other deductions online.

• This calculator works only for employees who are employed for a full year.

Canada Revenue Agency

• Choose Nova Scotia.

• Section A: Download payroll deductions tables.

• Section B: For CPP rates, identify whether the contributions are weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly and download the table.

• Section C: Download EI rates.

• Sections D and E: For Federal and Nova Scotia provincial tax deductions tables, identify whether payments are weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly.

Calculate tax, CPP, EI, and other deductions online.

• Follow the online directions to use the Canadian Tax Calculator.

Government of Canada

• See "How much do I contribute to CPP?" for maximum annual amount of CPP payable in the current year.

• Includes information on minimum must make before paying CPP.

Government of Canada

• See information on maximum insurable earnings for current year.

Page 76

Web Link: More information about Employment Insurance


Government of Canada

• Provides information on types of EI benefits and how to access them.