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Check out this link to find out how Math at Work 11 is organized. Learn abut fascinating features, such as Career Links and Tools of the Trade. Find out what kinds of jobs use math. The answer may surprise you.

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Front Matter Student Book

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Chapter 1 Student Book

Student Book (PDF)

Chapter 1 Web Links

Chapter 1

Page 10

biodegradable packaging

LoveToKnow Corp.

• description of biodegradable products and the future of the biodegradable packaging industry

William Reed Business Media

• information about biodegradable products and some companies that offer them

Page 20

Refraction of light


• video shows how light refracts through a prism

Page 37

Cardboard tubes for concrete footings


• Information on using cardboard tubes for concrete, including a visual

Word Puzzle

Chapter 1 Riddle

Riddle (PDF) (Word)

Answers (PDF) (Word)

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Chapter 2 Student Book

Student Book (PDF)

Chapter 2 Web Links

Chapter 2

Page 61

Scale model of the solar system


• Follow the steps to plan and build a scale model of the solar system. Decide on the diameter of the Sun for your scale model and learn what size the planets should be.

Page 64

Size of actual Volkswagen Beetle

The Samba

• Specifications of Volkswagen Beetle. Zoom to enlarge the page.

Building scale models

Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

• Information about scale models

Page 68

Adjust a sewing pattern for another size

Sense & Sensibility Patterns

• Detailed steps to resize a pattern, including a list of required tools


• Learn how to enlarge a historical pattern

Page 80

Online isometric drawing tool

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

• Practise using an online isometric drawing tool. Click on Instructions to learn what the buttons do.

Word Puzzle

Chapter 2 Word Search

Word Search (PDF) (Word)

Answers (PDF) (Word)

Student Book

Chapter 3 Student Book

Student Book (PDF)

Chapter 3 Web Links

Chapter 3

Page 112

Information on mulch

Savvy Gardener

• To learn about mulch

Page 116

Use a “concrete calculator”

Concrete Network

• Select the tab for Slabs, Footings, or Columns and enter the approximate dimensions.

Page 133

Information on venting a garage or shed

Yahoo! Inc.

• Learn how to vent a shed or garage

Word Puzzle

Chapter 3 Word Scramble

Word Scramble (PDF) (Word)

Answers (PDF) (Word)

Student Book

Chapter 4 Student Book

Student Book (PDF)

Chapter 4 Web Links

Chapter 4

Page 159

Information on disc jockeys

Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

• Learn about disc jockeys and the equipment and techniques they use

Page 169

Canadian Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Statistics Canada

• Select the goods and time period for which you want to see the CPI

Page 180

Oil production rates

Natural Resources Canada

• Percent of Canada’s oil produced in parts of Canada

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

• A list of countries and the number of barrels of oil each country produces daily. The list is in order of greatest to least production of oil.

Page 181

Provincial population data

Statistics Canada

• A table of the population of each province and territory for each of the previous five years. The data are the number of people, in thousands.

Word Puzzle

Chapter 4 Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle (PDF) (Word)

Answers (PDF) (Word)

Student Book

Chapter 5 Student Book

Student Book (PDF)

Chapter 5 Web Links

Chapter 5

Page 210

Information on no-fee bank accounts

vBulletin Solutions Inc.

• Comparison of the no-fee chequing accounts offered by Canadian institutions

Page 222

Employment Insurance

Service Canada

• Information on Employment Insurance and the types of Employment Insurance benefits

Page 233

Canada Savings Bonds (CSBs)

Government of Canada

• Click on The Canada Savings Bond for more information

Page 249

Research options for borrowing money

How To Do Things

• Suggestions for how to borrow money quickly

Word Puzzle

Chapter 5 Riddle

Riddle (PDF) (Word)

Answers (PDF) (Word)

Student Book

Chapter 6 Student Book

Student Book (PDF)

Chapter 6 Web Links

Chapter 6

Page 272

Information on masonry

Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

• Information on masonry

Page 280

Information about the length of the Trans-Canada Highway and its routes

Trans-Canada Highway

• Click on the links for Detailed Route Information, Mileage and Kilometres Between Cities, and other information.

Page 297

Information on how the Wooden Roller Coaster was built, and to see a video of the ride


• Video of construction of the Wooden Roller Coaster


• Video of the Wooden Roller Coaster ride

Groundspeak Inc.

• Dimensions of the Wooden Roller Coaster

Page 301

Information on logging

Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

• Learn about logging methods and safety.

Word Puzzle

Chapter 6 Word Scramble

Word Scramble (PDF) (Word)

Answers (PDF) (Word)

Student Book

Chapter 7 Student Book

Student Book (PDF)

Answers Student Book

Student Book (PDF)

Glossary/Credits Student Book

Student Book (PDF)

Chapter 7 Web Links

Chapter 7

Page 317

Learn more about cartographers

Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

• Learn about cartography. Scroll down and read about topics of interest.

Page 320

Information about theodolites and surveying

Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

• Find information about theodolites. Scroll down to learn about modern theodolites.

Page 325

Information about becoming a cargo agent

United States Bureau of Labor Statistics

• Learn about the duties of a cargo agent. Click the tabs for more information.

Page 327

Learn about clinometers and how to use one

Wikimedia Foundation Inc.

• For more information about clinometers, click on inclinometer.

Word Puzzle

Chapter 7 Crossword Puzzle

Crossword Puzzle (PDF) (Word)

Answers (PDF) (Word)